interactive_plot_factory(ax, f, x=None, xlim='stretch', ylim='stretch', slider_format_string=None, plot_kwargs=None, title=None, use_ipywidgets=None, play_buttons=False, play_button_pos='right', **kwargs)[source]

[Deprecated] Use this function for maximum control over layout of the widgets.

  • ax (matplotlib axes)

  • f (function or iterable of functions)

  • use_ipywidgets (None or boolean, optional) – If None will attempt to infer whether to use ipywidgets based on the backend. Use True or False to ensure ipywidgets is or is not used.

  • play_buttons (bool or dict, optional) – Whether to attach an ipywidgets.Play widget to any sliders that get created. If a boolean it will apply to all kwargs, if a dictionary you choose which sliders you want to attach play buttons too.

  • play_button_pos (str, or dict, or list(str)) – ‘left’ or ‘right’. Whether to position the play widget(s) to the left or right of the slider(s)


Deprecated since version 0.6.1.