User install#

To install simply run:

pip install mpl-interactions

The above only has Matplotlib as a dependency. If you plan on using mpl_interactions in a Jupyter Notebook or JupyterLab then you should install with

pip install mpl_interactions[jupyter]

This will install ipympl and ipywidgets for you. If you use JupyterLab it is significantly easier get working for JupyterLab 3+.

Setup for Jupyterlab 3+#

Installation of widgets was made significantly easier for JupyterLab 3+. Simply make sure you have a new version of JupyterLab:

pip install --upgrade jupyterlab mpl-interactions[jupyter]

Setup for JupyterLab <= 2#

If you plan on using mpl_interactions in notebooks with JupyterLab version 2.x or lower then you need to follow the below steps to ensure you have a fully working installation of ipympl. In particular, you need to make sure nodejs > 10 is available and that you have installed jupyterlab-manager.

pip install --upgrade ipympl
conda install -c conda-forge nodejs=13
jupyter labextension install @jupyter-widgets/jupyterlab-manager jupyter-matplotlib

Development installation#

First create your own fork of mpl-extensions/mpl-interactions.

git clone <your fork>
cd mpl-interactions
pip install -e ".[dev]"